What is WireWatch

Copper mining and its subsequent processing for use as an electrical conductor has a direct impact on the quality of the environment.

Preventing theft of copper lessens the exploitation of resources and reduces the use of corrosive agents. Preventing the reduction of the useful life of the metal and insulation due to undesirable causes implies a more responsible and sustainable management of resources.

WireWatch actively and directly collaborates in the responsible and sustainable management of electric power systems resulting in a better and more careful exploitation of natural resources.


The WireWatch system is a technological core, conceived to ensure that it is adapted to the most varied technical determinant factors and to any needs map. We can adjust our responses in accordance with different service standards, to enable customers to pay for what they need. It is an ‘à la carte’ system, both as regards extension (it is applied in different fields and for different requirements), and as regards depth (not all requirements need the same response as regards intensity and investment).

WireWatch evolves and learns. Our relationship with customers and permanent contact with the market drives us to develop specific applications for individual sectors.

Every day we delve even further, and more efficiently into WireWatch’s power, to adapt and evolve stemming from its modularity.

These essential characteristics have enabled WireWatch to become a technological leader and a solid reference, wherever it is useful and necessary.

Operating system HIGHLY ADAPTABLE
All the manufacturing processes, all components and all the implementation and management phases of the WireWatch system are carried out according to maximum demand and quality criteria: the best materials, the best suppliers, the most advanced and demanding procedures, to enable us to offer the maximum guarantees:



WireWatch provides integral and adjustable responses to control and management requirements for highly specific networks: