WireWatch aqua
Water: an essential element for life and civilization, a source of life, but also an element that needs careful control and management.

An adequate control of water requires being aware at all times that the management systems for drinking and waste water and irrigation water are in perfect condition to respond to any contingency.

Our range of products and services is structured as follows:

WireWatch urban
An integral response, adapted to power networks for pumping systems, capable of monitoring and controlling, both during normal use and under emergency circumstances.

# Drinking water pumping: guarantees an efficient control of the power supply for proper operation of an essential provision.

# Waste water pumping: control of the power operation of waste water management systems.

Also, WireWatch reacts effectively in emergency management, guaranteeing the operation of elements such as bail-out pumps in garages or storm tanks or tunnels.

WireWatch agro
The WireWatch system facilitates, in a simple and accessible way, the power system management in large stretches of agricultural land. It is mainly used for network control, generating warnings in case of wire cuts, guaranteeing the presence of the cables when they are needed to provide energy to watering systems, etc.

Also, WireWatch Aqua Agro activates watering without having to go to the facilities.