WireWatch comm
WireWatch provides designs adapted to the control and monitoring of essential power systems for equipment with a high strategic profile, such as Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) enclaves or telephone wiring.

Our range of products and services is structured into:

We monitor and control theft or sabotage-free operation of the power systems that provide energy to BTS stations.

# We control the general grid.
# We control the emergency generator.
# We supervise the unauthorised movement of batteries, identifying each of them.
# We detect intrusions to the emergency generator (non-authorised opening) and into the main building (through door manipulation or pulling down walls).
# We provide a very precise monitoring of the level of fuel of the motor generator set.
# WireWatch Comm BTS adapts to remote maintenance tasks and provides high quality facility management.

We protect traditional telephone lines 24-hours a day and under any weather conditions and degree of luminosity.

WireWatch also detects and gives information as regards where the power cut has taken place on the telephone line with great precision. A specific software enables WireWatch to locate the wire cut on a cartographic map.

This version of the system provides an easy remedy for telephone companies, but it is also attractive for railway companies.